How Powerball Works: A Comprehensive Guide for Winning

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Powerball is a lottery that runs in 44 states in the United States of America, along with the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and District of Columbia. 

It started in the year 1992 after replacing Lotto* America Lottery. Also, 토토사이트 is the forerunner of the idea of using two drums for drawing. The Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, conducts these drawings every Saturday and Wednesday at 10.59 Eastern Time. 

How Does Powerball Work? 
As we have mentioned earlier, balls with numbers imprinted on them are drawn from two drums. One drum contains white Powerball, 69 in number, and the other has 26 red balls. The lucky draw consists of five white balls and one red ball. 

If a person gets all the six numbers right, he wins the jackpot. But there is no guarantee for that. If the winning ticket remains unsold, the prize rolls over to the next drawing, making the sum huger. 

Prize Tires in Powerball
The chances of nailing the Powerball jackpot are slim. The odds are 1 in 292,201,338! However, once you get through, you will be a millionaire. What keeps people coming back to Powerball is the fact that there are several other sundry prizes that are given along with the jackpot. 

Here is a list of the prize tires and winning tickets in Powerball

⦁ 5 white balls — $1 million
⦁ 4 white balls+ Powerball — $50,000
⦁ 4 white balls — $100
⦁ 3 white balls + Powerball — $100
⦁ 3 white balls — $7
⦁ 2 white balls + Powerball — $7
⦁ 1 white ball +Powerball — $4
⦁ Only the Powerball — $4

All the prizes are handed out in cash form except for the winning jackpot. In that case, the player can either choose to go for an annuity that will be paid over the course of 30 years. Or he can take home the prize money after appropriate tax deductions in lumpsum. 

Most Frequently Drawn Numbers
If you are searching for ways to win Powerball, then you must have your research ready while buying tickets. For that, you will have to know the odds of a number being drawn. 

The main numbers that are most frequently drawn are 16, 20,25, 17, 15, 36, 27, 42, 9, 38, 3, 43 and 45. 

Powerballs that are most commonly drawn are 9, 18, 10, 6, 11, 21, 1, 23, 18, and 12. 

Least Frequently Drawn Numbers
Hitting the jackpot is a chance of fate. But you can surely do your homework and avoid picking the numbers that get picked the least, in order to maximize your chances of winning. 

Main numbers of the white balls that get drawn the least are: 
62, 66, 69, 44, 55, 57, 52, 32, 28, 47, 15, 7, 2, and 54

The Powerball numbers that you might not want to choose are: 
 2, 4, 5, 22, 17, and 24. 

Rarely Drawn White Ball Numbers
The main numbers 26, 29, 31, 35, and 40 are seldom drawn. So, chances with these can go either way. They might be drawn at the next lottery or might not show their faces for another eternity.

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