Popular Football Bet Types You Need To Know About

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Most of the new bettors get confused because of the types of football bets. There are many different types of football bets.

You can place any of these bets. However, before you bet, you need to understand what it is.

There are some popular football bets which are available on almost every sports betting website. You need to learn and understand these bets.

Types of Football Bets:

Every punter needs to know these football bets. It will help you to explore different markets.

Match Result:

This bet is simple and straightforward. As the name goes, you need to bet on the match result. You need to bet on the team who will win the match. There are three outcomes, i.e. win, lose or draw. The odds make a bet more challenging. The odds can be in decimal or fraction. Example, if the odd is 1/10, then you have to put $10 to win $1. 

Draw No Bet:

In this type of bet, you play safe. In normal bet, your team needs to win to make a profit from the bet. If the team loses, you will lose the money. Even if the match is a draw, you still lose the money. When in this type of bet, if it is a draw, you will get the stake back. The bet will be forfeited if it is a draw.

Double Chance:

In this type of bet, you get the double chance of winning. You can bet on two outcomes out of three. It is a safe option. However, the odds become risky as you add a bet. Here is an example of the double chance bet. In a match between Liverpool and Manchester, you can bet on either Liverpool winning or draw. You can also bet on Manchester winning or draw.

Asian Handicap:

In this type of bet, there is less emphasis on the draw. It mostly focuses on the teams winning the match. If there is a draw, it becomes null and void. Here is an example. In a match between Liverpool and Manchester City, you have to bet on a team. If you bet on the favourite, the odds will be poor. So you can place a bet 먹튀검증 on Liverpool to score -2 goals. So if they win by three goals, you will win the bet. If they win by two goals, it will be a draw. 

Goalscorer Markets:

This is another popular 먹튀검증 type of bet. In this type of bet, you have to bet on the goal scores. The market changes from the first goal to the last goal. If you guess the player who will make the goal, you will win the bet. 


It is the most popular type of bet. In this bet, you can select various small bets. The bets accumulate, and so does the odds. As the odds multiply, the win amount also increases. However, in this type of bet, you need to win all the bets. If you lose a single bet, you will lose.

These are the most popular types of football bets. Apart from these bets, there are many other types of bets in football.

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